A new season

After almost 7 years of serving Jesus in Duvall it seems as though this season of ministry has come to a close. As I look back on the greater part of the last decade and reflect on all that has happened I am utterly and truly overwhelmed with gratitude. The many evidences of God’s grace to me, Michelle and our kids are too numerous to count. The lessons learned, relationships forged, and love shown to us by the amazing people of Duvall Church and Redemption Church will forever be very dear to us.

Many have been asking “what’s next?” for the Habigs, and we are in the very early stages of determining to what and where God will call us next. In the meantime, we simply want to say thank you

  • Thank you to the dozens of musicians and artists that we have had the privilege to work with, learn from, and pour into over the past 7 years. A handful of you have been with us the entire time (and get extra kudos for putting up with a couple of fresh-out-of-college kids who really had no idea what we were doing), and many of you have come, gone, or we’ve only recently met. Some of you were seasoned musicians when we met, others were just starting out and we had the great joy of seeing you learn, grow and improve to the glory of God. Some of you provided invaluable, behind-the-scenes contributions to the team. To each of you – it’s been an absolute honor.
  • Thank you to the great staff I have had the privilege of partnering with in the Gospel. Some of you I only worked with for brief periods of time, and a couple of you I have been able to serve alongside the entire time, but Chris, Phil, John, Elizabeth, Reesie, Jennifer, Kevin, Dana, Josh, Scott, Dan, Shane, Matt, Wes, Sterling, and Steve – each of you has has a positive impact on the way I approach ministry and I am grateful for the all the time spent planning, dreaming, laughing, grieving, collaborating, learning lessons, and praying together with you all over the years.
  • Thank you to the friends who have loved so graciously on our kids – from the moment each one of our kids was born they have had the blessing of a church family who has heaped extravagant amounts of love upon them. To those who threw an impromptu baby shower for Michelle when we went to the hospital 5 weeks early with Heidi, to those who deep cleaned our house while we were in the hospital with Hank, to those who faithfully helped out with our kids on Tuesday nights, Thursday nights, Sunday mornings, to those who gave parenting advice when we asked for it (and sometimes when we didn’t), to all of you who have played with, changed diapers for, and simply put up with our crazy/brilliant/loud/cute couple of rug rats – you’ve truly left your mark on our family for the better.
  • Finally, thank you to a church family that has demonstrated what Acts 2 community looks like. I can’t begin to list the many ways our church has become family through these past several years. To those of you who have had us into your homes for meals, those of you who we have been part of community groups/Bible studies with us, to those who  helped us move (more than once…and in the snow…), to the Ixtapa “crew”, to those who would anonymously leave a card with money or pay for a meal just when we happened to need it most, for the countless encouraging words, cards, and emails, to those who were there by our side through cancer, loss, and uncertainty as well as those who celebrated with us in the many times of joy, for the prayers, for the laughter, and for simply letting us sing along with you all on Sundays – we are truly blessed.

There are many more things that could be said, but I’ll simply close by echoing Paul’s words to the church in Thessalonica: “How we thank God for you! Because of you we have great joy in the presence of God.” (1 Thessalonians 3:9).


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  1. Ryan, you and Michelle and your family have touched my family in so many ways… from taking Josh under your wing, to Michelle helping Kara with worship, to Tim learning how to play drums as part of a group, to me getting the honor of getting to know Heidi and Hank during studies… I love you all and am praying for this next step in your adventure of following Him. 🙂 Holly

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