Worship leading plumb lines – Part 1: “Hours of Discipline for Moments of Freedom”

Recently I was introduced to the wisdom of identifying “plumb lines” for effective leadership (credit to Larry Osborne’s Sticky Teams). For leaders, these are the handful of guiding principles that can be used to measure the success of your team when it comes to staying on vision. These are the things that, when people think of your leadership, they associate with you because you repeat them often. You regularly use them to define success. You use them to inspire. They are a natural part of your leadership vocabulary. Continue reading

Sunday setlist 10/2/16

I’ve been thinking about sharing our Sunday setlists from Outward Church here from time to time. So here’s what we did this morning:

The Saving One (Chris Tomlin/Passion)

Praise to the Lord (Citizens & Saints)

This My Inheritance (All Sons & Daughters)

All I Have is Christ (Sovereign Grace)

Psalm 145 (The Modern Post)

How He Loves (John Mark McMillan/Crowder)

That time we moved our stage into the middle of the room

A couple months before Christmas 2015, our Outward Church staff started kicking around an idea: what if we moved our stage into the middle of the room?

The more we talked about it, the more we really wanted to see whether we could pull it off. We wanted to experience what worshiping “in the round” could be like. Ultimately as we discussed it, we identified three main reasons for wanting to make the change: Continue reading