3 reasons you should come to the Awakening Session

Tomorrow night, March 13 will be the third in a series of joint-church worship experiences between five local churches. Originally begun a couple years ago as a quarterly worship night for Woodinville Alliance Church by Pastor Brandon Springer, last fall the Awakening Sessions were expanded to include four other local churches represented by several of Brandon’s friends, including myself.

Here are three reasons why you should check it out:

1) Tons of music.  The night will consist of four different sets of music featuring various musicians and styles.  Some of the music will be familiar, and some of it will be new.

2) Fellowship with other believers.  The hope behind doing this as a joint session is for people from different churches around the Eastside to come together in joint fellowship for a night.  There is power when the body of Christ comes together as one!

3) A chance to worship God in new ways.  The idea behind the Awakening Sessions is to have freedom to keep the focus solely on enjoying and responding to God.  There will be various ways to worship besides music, including opportunities to journal, paint, read, and pray.  Participate in as much or as little as you feel led.

The Session will begin Sunday night at 6:30 at Woodinville Alliance Church (click here for address).

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